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  • The New Installation Process

    Your installation is the single most important part of your air conditioning purchase.  Why is that the case?  Why does one persons system last 20 years and some only last 7 or 8 years?  Most people think it’s the equipment.  This may be true to a small part.  There are some occasional recalls and part failures.  Lets look at the rest of the story.

     The day your equipment arrives at your house is exciting.  A couple of guys show up as well with lots of tools and seem to know what they are doing.  In a few hours they are ripping out the old equipment and installing the new.  All installs are the same right. No!

     First, the install process should be an orderly clean systematic approach.  Lets summarize a few points that cause system cancer or worse failure.  If you are going to reuse your copper the installer needs to pays special attention to keeping the copper clean, flushing it in an approved method and sealing the ends until the brazing happens.

     Ok the equipment is in place the copper is dry fitted what’s next.  Installers almost always skip this step.   They need to run a few pounds of dry nitrogen gas through the system displacing the oxygen in the copper lines.  This also is a crucial step in getting the moisture out of the lines.  If this isn’t done the copper gets coated with copper oxide, which looks like black soot and is not good for the system.  It is also at this time that the valves at the condenser need to be protected from the heat of the torch or they will leak.  I want to repeat this they will leak! Very important this doesn’t get over looked.

    Next, this is the right time to place the system under a pressure check using the dry nitrogen gas to see if the system leaks.  The tech can spray soapy bubbles on the brazed areas to double-check their work.  This check should take at least 20 to 30 minutes.

    Next come the vacuum pump.  Stop! Did they change the oil in the pump.  I don’t expect anyone reading this to completely understand why this is critical but the oil needs to be changed after each uses no exceptions.  It is impossible to get a good vacuum with old oil.  If the oil is black don’t let them work on your system any further it will only get worse.

    Last, once the vacuum process has started some refrigerant should be allowed in the system and vacuumed out.  This is very important to insure a clean well vacuumed system in preparation for the refrigerant.These are some of the most important reasons why compressors and equipment fail prematurely and the leading cause of your new system not running efficiently.  Don’t let some hack waste your money on higher electrical cost for the next 10 years so they can save a few minutes of their time.  You paid for high efficiency equipment and you deserve to get it and enjoy the benefits.  If you have question you can call me at 727-422-5444 or email at mpugliano@gmail.com