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  • How Important is Your Air Conditioner.

    This is not a subjective item in your house.  It is however, as important and item as it is easily improved.  Did you know you take 17,000-30,000 breaths per day, or more! Those average breathing rates are for when you're at rest.  What ever is in your home is exposed to your lungs hundreds of thousands of times a year.  Your number one culprit may be your air conditioning system.  Most likely you already know it.  Most people just ignore the problem.  Why there are simple solutions that can yield big benefits.

     Lets look at the groups that may be most susceptible to the mold or mildew in you air conditioning system.  Children, the elderly anyone with hypersensitivity to molds or mildews and finally anyone with health problems.  It is a simple procedure to test for molds.  Most molds are not serious, however anyone can be hypersensitive to any strain of mold causing a malaise. Fewer things make more sense than clean air.  Fewer things are as easy to improve than air quality.

     No one would eat a little bit of mold and mildew every day with every meal, nor would anyone drink dirty moldy mildewed water. This would be unacceptable.  Well clean air is just as important.  What are some of the simple sets to insure this.

     First, make sure the filters are changed as needed.  Make sure there are no leaks that can bypass the filters allowing duct to get past the filter membrane.  Have you system serviced at least annually.  If the air handler is in a non-conditioned air like and attic or garage space make sure the cabinet is not sucking in air from anywhere. Also make sure all the cabinet insulation is intact.  These are some of the main reasons mold starts to grow in the cabinet.  A good technician can resolve these issues on the spot or a handy home owner.

  • Indoor Air Quality

    According to the EPA indoor air pollution is often five times worse than outdoor and represents a significant health risk. Blue-Tube UV improves indoor air quality by sterilizing mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air as it cycles through the central air system.