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  • This is everything you expect to see in a liberal.  Intolerance towards other they don’t agree with.  Aggression with those that they don’t agree with.  No diversity of opinion here on the University of Missouri.  What is the “Bill of Rights” and that pesky freedom of speech.  Why would you expect a free flow of idea’s on a University.  Once you get tenure you can expose yourself as an openly narrow-minded bigot.  Then you can hide it by calling others bigots.

    If you look closely in Melissa Click eyes all you can see the back of her head.  There is obviously no thoughts finding safety in there.  The best part of this is Professor Click is teaching this to our children, with a feeling of immunity.  If you want to know what’s wrong with this country, we can put Click’s hatred and every other professor hiding behind tenure to keep their jobs on a short list.  Why not just teach and foster freedom of ideas!

    This is typical listen to Brenda try to turn this around.  We could all see the immediate hate in Clicks eyes during the first video.  Brenda attempts turn it back on the reporter claiming they initiated the incident and the protestors were just trying to protect other students that were in pain.  This is our new bread of liars and anti 1st amendment freelancers out to shut down the opposition before they can utter a word.  The new fascists.