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  • Here’s an example.

    We are all familiar with President Bill Clinton quest on infidelity, this is not in question. My question is should Hillary have waged war on what Bill took out of his pants, or the receiving recipients of his desires and passions.  Hillary waged a war on the women that Bill unleashed his little Bill on.  How does this reconcile with todays position on women’s rights.  

    Hillary and Bill attacked each of these women ruthlessly and unleashed their team to discredit and demoralize them. (each in their own way)

    Bill walked away seemingly untouched excluding the young women he had his sordid trysts with.

    Step ahead in time… Hillary is the self-appointed leader of women’s rights. The modern-day cleric who knows what best for women. Save the ones who have dalliances with her husband.

    If Hillary becomes president I included a list of potential affairs Bill may target in the future as first husband.