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    Let me let you in on a little secret; most air conditioning repairs are simple and cost effective to make.  Many of my clients systems are well over 15 years old and are still performing.  This is not to say that they are the most efficient, however; that is my clients choice to make. Your technician should be willing and able to explain what’s wrong and what needs to be done.   It should be able to be explained in simple conversation.   When we are done the client should feel comfortable making a simple Repair, Replace or rejuvenate. 

    Some repairs can be avoided with a little preventative maintenance.  Keeping your system running efficiently can be accomplished with the same preventative maintenance.

    When your air conditioning system is broken we will give you the choice of the immediate repair to restore functionality and the optional tune up items.  We don’t push unnecessary service.  We will inform educate and if you wish schedule work that can be delayed for another day.

    Let me give you a example, You have a bad capacitor and the fan motor and compressor are struggling.  We make the immediate repair and restore functionally on the spot.   We notice that the outside coil is dirty and one of the pressures leaving the compressor is extremely high, but your budget is tight as a drum.  Note, dirty condenser coils are the number one reason compressors fail.  We are happy to schedule to do the work later and in some cases we can make payment arrangements to bridge the gap. 

    This is a very common but over looked scenario.  Many, technicians either miss this or worse yet may intentionally not note it knowing what will happen in the near future.  Either a new system purchase or a very costly repair.  We will always look over your system identify a high priority repair from a low priority repair.  We offer a life time guarantee of honesty and integrity.