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  • President Obama has updated America several times in the last few years concerning Terrorism or as he calls it workplace violence or simply nothing at all.

    Isis was originally Jr Varsity, then they didn’t exist, Then they were on the run and now according to the director of the CIA the threat is growing.

    A – Is our President incompetent?
    B – Is our President lying?
    C – Is our President an Isis sympathiser?
    D – Is he just an idiot?
    E – All of the above

    My point is the most powerful man in the world, with the most up to date information, hasn’t even come close to getting it right not even once.

    Mind you the entire world including every man women and child in this country (excluding liberals and liberal democrats) know that he was wrong and Isis was getting stronger.

    So which one of the 5 choices is correct, my vote is E All of the above!