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  • So I guess not wanting to offend anyone they took Omar Mateen off the watch list a few times Knowing he was up to something. A terrorist is like a grenade that hasn’t pulled the pin. You can’t underestimate the potential danger.
    Omar Mateen and his wife Noor Zahi Salman were observed by Disney officials casing the park and that was information was turned over to the FBI.
    Now for the gun laws let see… Omar Mateen purchases the rifle and his application went to the FBI where it sat on a bureaucrat’s desk and appears he did nothing to stop it. So it seems the FBI may have approved his application knowing he was a potential terrorist. Laws are only as good as the institution enforcing them.
    FBI agents could have stopped the application immediately reopened their investigation on him and resumed monitoring him. Why did they approve his purchase?  Why did they stop watching him? Maybe we need competent employees. If you suspect an individual of being a terrorist purchasing a weapon should be a big tell. Instead of incompetent Presidents and Democrats pushing political ideological agendas.
    Someone screwed up, the laws were in place. This massacre was enabled with Political correctness, Segwaying right into incompetence, being bolstered by political ideology and ending with 49 dead men and women.
    The blood is on our leader’s hands not using horrific events to push anti-weapon laws.