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  • Bernie Sanders and the beloved Hugo Chavez (posthumously) of Venezuela have teamed up to provide a FREE summer camp for the newly committed Democratic socialist.

    The trip is completely free and everything will be provided. Please note you may want to bring a few items for your own comfort, such as food, personal stuff like soap toothpaste toothbrushes etc pretty much anything you may need. Most of the items like that are unavailable anymore on the shelves.

    Please do not bring too much of the previously listed items as you may be deemed a hoarder and have all personal items removed from you and may be incarcerated which is also done for free. Many “Democratic Socialists” prefer incarceration over “Socialist Freedom” because most items that are not available to the public are available to prisoners.

    Well enjoy your trip and remember if you have more than you need for today your a hoarder as defined by the government and you need to turn the rest in. Part of being a good democratic socialist is the willingness to only take what you need and be willing to wait in line as you need additional items to live. The long lines are going to be decorated with disney like decor to trick would be complainers that good times are ahead. This is being tested at the VA currently.

    The Veterans are actually dying while waiting for service but Robert McDonald assured everyone that whats important is your level of satisfaction with the experience which in the case of the VA is death sometimes. Mr McDonald will consider this for possible improvements to the VA. McDonald also thinks Obama Care could benefit from some of the VA’s techniques which may not improve satisfaction but will help the bottom line.

    Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald is downplaying veteran wait times at VA hospitals by comparing them to wait times for rides at Disney theme parks.