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  • This is another case where if a stupid person yells loud enough she’ll think she’s right.  Typical Liberal lefty using the free internet that someone else is paying for by purchasing expensive coffees, comparing hate stories.

    I make my coffee and by loud mouth’s definition am rich.  I am rich for a number of reasons none of which she would understand.  I’m legally handicapped, in constant pain and aging.  I also reject financial aid.  I want to be FREE.  You subjugate your freedom the second you accept aid.  Whether it is needed or not.  In order to accept aid you have to accept it and limit yourself to the pursuit of excellence.  If you accept aid you no longer are free to be independent you are limited by what you are given no more no less.  You vote for which ever liar offers you the most.  You can no longer see a way out on your own.  The all to willing dispenser of mediocrity will lead you around in darkness until you meet your maker.

    There is the occasional exception to the rule.  A few will take the blue pill spit out the governments financial nipple and painfully make their own way.  Most will follow the grim reaper till death hating anyone who succeeds convinced they got a better break in life.

    Look at the democratic hopeful running on a platform of redistribution. Punitive taxation on the successful, until they no longer produce, and shelves go bare.  Bernie Sander’s whose initials are coincidentally B.S.  will anger his base to stay in power until nothing is left and then with impunity blame the wealthy one last time for having the audacity to cast off the imposed slavery of the masses. Eventually no one will produce.  No one to look too for innovation, ingenuity or real leadership.  The mindless drones will yell and scream and blame the ever dwindling produces for abandoning them.