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  • Our country wants to pick who are villains and who are good Americans.  Under this administration the Democrats have waged a war on the following…

    The Police

    The Wealthy


    “The Police” The anti police movement is ridiculous at its very core.   More minorities have lost there lives during this movement than at the hands of the police. This “Black Lives Matters” wouldn’t exist if the democrats were running another black candidate.  This is attempt to give a white democratic candidate and opportunity to gin up there base and assure high voter turn out.

    “The Wealthy”  The income inequality war is just that a war against anyone  who this administration determines is wealthy.  It is intended to create envy, anger and dependence among the democratic base.  Missing from this rhetoric is any mention of self-reliance and you can succeed with hard work.  The ideologues will not understand what they are reading here.   I would rather teach a person to quadruple their income than try to live on $1.50 a day.  It’s in the bible give a man a fish feed him for a day teach him how to fish and feed him for a life time.

    “The Corporations”  Companies that avoid punitive taxes and move money off shore, are patriots in my book.  This game the administration plays is a joke.  They get in bed with companies that give them money and rebuke the ones that don’t.  Who set the rules up that companies play by.  Congress!  The Clinton’s have a net worth of over 111,000,000.00 playing this game and control a billion dollar charity.  The Clinton’s don’t make, own or employ anyone.  Yet they are the darlings of the Democrats.  Any company that will force this country to remove laws that chase money into the arms of foreign countries I will buy their products.