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    I went to KFC today and ordered off,  “The Secret Menu”.  It was great!  I ordered the Bernie Sanders Special, also known as the BS Special.  You order as much chicken as you want and tell the clerk, who is getting $15.00 to look the other way, to add your bill to some wealthy white son of a bitches meal.   Bam! Its free and no one gets hurt.  You can do this until those rich bastards stop going to KFC and the place goes out of business. Not worried about that now, cause the chickens free today!

    There is a bigger problem brewing.  An investigation is underway at KFC, at the behest of the “Dark Meat Matters Group”. Members are making claims of rampant bigotry by rich patrons ordering white meat only buckets.  This is obviously racism at its very core, this is code for segregation.  The “DMMG” are calling for an immediate boycott of all white meat purchases and no more “finger licking good” slogans, which we all aware is bigoted white supremacist symbology.


    Charge those wealthy white assholes!