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  • We have all heard the story of incident between Lewandowski and Fields.  I have a different spin on this. lets break it down who  may have lied and why.

    First did Michelle Fields get abused by anyone during this incident.  It appears not in the video.  Anyone approaching a candidate and not using common sense or listen to instructions can expect to be rebuffed with enthusiasm.  Later, could Michelle Fields have created marks on her arms to support her allegations?  Yes. She didn’t report this for 3 days why?

    Next did Lewandowski lie about knowing Fields or about the details of the incident.  Think about this Lewandowski is questioned about a scenario that Fields claims happened and was violent.  Later when the video came out Fields modified her story and toned it down.  My question is did Lewandowski lie or did Fields?


    Did Fields embellish the events, Yes.  Does it seem she may have had an agenda to paint the Trump campaign as violent and misogynist. Yes!  Would anyone remember an incident that didn’t happen?  No.

    Michelle Fields has been in other incidents where she has claimed to have been violently assaulted by the police.  Specifically  Occupy Wall Street protests, where she claims she got thrown down violently and beaten twice with a night stick.  However, moments after she is more concerned if it was on video and appears to have no discernible injuries.

    Fields also comments on how kind and benevolent the protestors were. She states that she “didn’t see any raping or violence” on behalf of the protestors just the police.  This reminds me of a story about a man who took a pail of water out of the ocean.  He studied it carefully didn’t see any fish then extrapolated there were no fish living in the ocean. How convenient is it when a liberal with an agenda during the “daytime” denies that women got raped.  Apparently some women do lie about rape, but only if a liberal says so.  When you have to create a storybook narrative to support a cause the truth doesn’t matter.  If she will lie or distort the truth for fame can anyone trust anything she says.  Should she even have the right to call herself a journalist.

    Michelle Fields enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.  You seem to be a much bigger liar than Trump can be stupid.