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  • Hillary continues to lie about Bosnia sniper fire.

    Step 1, She blames the republicans.  Once the video came out she claims she wasn’t lying, she had a false memories.

    Step 2, She attempted to blame it on sleep deprivation.  Then it turns out she has made the same claims repeatedly in the past.  Was she suffering from sleep deprivation during every one of those false memories?

    Step 3,   She then went back to blaming the republicans.

    So according to Hillary it turns out the republican are really responsible for the lies that come out of Hillary’s mouth.  As far as her followers it boils down to this, “if a tree lies in the forest and no one hears it did did the tree tell a lie”.  When Hillary tells a lie and none of her supporters claim they hear it, did she lie?

    Ask a Hillary supporter if she is a liar and here’s what happens…  They get a constipated look on their face.  Then develop Tourette Syndrome and scream out awful things like George Bush or Donald Trump, block your children’s ears please.  However, they are utterly and completely unaware that she can’t tell the truth.