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  • There is a chain of restaurants opening on the West Coast called, “Wok-Your-Dog”. The Home of the original “Doggy Bag”. This chains boasts that they are creating a bridge between authentic Asian Cooking and American misunderstandings.

    Their slogan is “Don’t Put A Dog to Sleep Bring Them Here & Lets Eat!”

    Right now they are in California with expectations of opening in the east coast by 2018. It was kind of creepy the first time I went there. I took my neighbors dog there that animal barked non stop for a years.

    I have to admit I had my concerns in the beginning but the service was outstanding. The Pet is prepared with respect, dignity, and surprisingly tender and well seasoned.   Special breeds need to be requested in advance.  When your done dinning for a small extra fee they will bag up the leash and collar as a keepsake.