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  • You know you a liberal if….

    If you blame the wealthy for everything,

    Want or have a free phone from the government,

Let your representatives tell you you’re not able to succeed without their help,

    Believe Representatives will help,

Blame and call successful people stupid and vote to take their money away with taxes,

    Regulate and tax small business until they fail or stop, hiring,

    Honestly, wonder why you’re unemployed even though you’re not looking for a job,

    Expect free food,

Expect free healthcare,

    Expect someone else to pay for it,

    Honestly think money comes from the government and not the people,

    Think bigger government will make things better,

    Expect awards for failure,

Criticize the police, and not understand why crime is skyrocketing,

    Refer to yourself as open-minded and not be,

    Conversely hate successful people and feel good about it,

Think its normal to get checks in the mail that you don’t earn,

Expect free housing,  Then expect better free housing,

Trash your house, Blame the owners,  Call code enforcement on them and believe you did you civic duty,

Think criminals are victims, until they rob you,

    Think Obama did a crappy job because of republicans,

Hang out with people who agree with you or hate them if they don’t,

    Believe in global warming,

    If you don’t understand inflation,

Want minimum wage doubled, no tripled!

    Do a crappy job get fired, collect unemployment and brag about it,

    Believe Obama is a US citizen,

Don’t know anything about current events and vote,
 then vote a bunch more times without an ID,

    Let other liberals tell you who to like, hate and vote for,

    Scream at people for being narrow-minded for not agreeing with you,

    Think Hillary has ever told the truth,

    Never Realize you’re not open-minded, but it doesn’t matter because your right,

    If you tease mock and ridicule Christians for their beliefs, but are against bullying,

    Think there should be another law,

    Think taxes should be increased and paid by someone else, while you use every loop whole deductions,

    Don’t think people should have guns but you have one just in case,

    Think Michael Moore’s movies are documentaries,

    If you think Obama’s economic recovery is working because your collecting for the 7th straight year,

    You know you a liberal if you call me names for posting this,