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  • What am I covered for when I purchase my Air Conditioning System.

    February 28, 2016 | Blog | admin
  • What am I covered for when I purchase my Air Conditioning System

    I just purchased a brand new air conditioning system with a 10 year warrantee from the factory.  I should be good for the next 10 years or so shouldn't I?  First, what does the manufacture cover?  Is it all parts or just major components.  Is labor covered, if so for how long?  What about servicing the system.  Is regular servicing required?  Lets take a look at this step by step.

    Manufactured Warrantee:

    First, most companies are offering a 10 year manufactures warrantee on a complete system purchase if you register if not it will default automatically to a 5 year from date of manufacture unless you can prove installation date.  That means that you need to purchase both parts of the system at the same time.  The condenser and the air handler.  Next they need to be a matching approved set with ASHRAE or (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers).  This is the standard in the industry nation wide.  Some companies cover all parts and some cover all major components.  Check the warrantee to see whats covered and whats not and see if any deductibles exist.  If you sell your house is it transferable?  Most times not it will default to a 5 year warrantee.

    Manufacturer Labor Warrantee:

    Second is the manufacturer's labor warrantee.  This is usually sold at time of installation and can be for 5 or 10 year duration.  This can be a very cost effective solution if you want a hedge against unexpected major expenses.  Every company ranges in price.  This is a definite consideration at time of sale.  Things to keep in mind is how long your going to be living at the home.  Is the agreement transferable if you move, etc.  This agreement sets an hourly rate to pay approved HVAC contractors and a pre agreed amount of hours for the work to be completed.  Heres an example the agreement states it will pay 2.1 hours to replace a fan motor.  The plan has a prearranged hourly rate with each contractor.  Who ever sold the system and the agreement has consented to these terms and agreed to work on that schedule.  Make sure you talk to your contractor and discuss proper expectations when you call them.  Some contractors won't agree to do certain jobs like reversing valves or TXV valves.  Commit your contractor to agree to make all repairs and not cherry pick the easy ones and leave you stranded with the difficult ones.  Also find out if you have to pay any diagnostic fees.  

    Preventative Maintenance Agreement:

    Last, is a preventative maintenance agreement or service agreement.  This is just what is sounds like its the bi-annual check-up on your system once or twice a year.  If you have the first two agreements this one seems the least necessary.  Think of your air conditioning system like your car.  Its covered under a warrantee, however; tire pressure, oil changes and regular cleaning is not covered.  If you don't maintain your vehicle it may fail and claims may be rejected if this is completed.  Your air conditioning system is no different.  Your efficiency will be dramatically reduced if certain items are not serviced.  Its just a good idea to have someone trustworthy look at your system to keep things right.

    The point of this article is too identify the role each item plays on your system and hopefully help you to make an informed decision as well as what to expect from the company and you HVAC contractor.  If you have any question please call anytime for addition information.  727-422-5444.