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  • First deny terrorism exists.
    When a terrorist attacks anyone discuss gun control.
    Publicly combat real terrorism with non existing man made global warming.
    Make it politically incorrect to profile potential threats.
    Elect an incompetent coward as president.
    When we are attacked secretly acknowledge that we deserve it.
    When you hear that America or Americans are great be secretly disgusted.
    Apologize and intellectually determine what America did to cause and ultimately deserve the attack.
    Empathize with the attacker and show how he or she is a victim also.
    Encourage more illegals to enter our country and mock anyone that says it may make things worse.
    Blame opposing party for everything.
    Lie publicly and have no concern that the press will contradict you.
    Invest in companies that make environmental bodies bags.
    Feel good that your helping the environment with over population problem.