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  • Yes its true 1000’s of healthy Liberals found drown. Many of them could have been saved, however they were attempting to drink excessive amounts of the Kool-Aid drink. Many did not know that they were in over their heads in these cauldrons. Over production and reduced consumption may be due to Obama’s new drink my Beer doctrine.

    Many zealots started drinking the beer right after Sundays interview with Savannah Guthrie. Some did not have the money to buy the beer so they just took it. Kind police in New York helped this unarmed but passionate fund less patrons carry the beer out to their borrowed running cars. Mayor Bill de Blasio comments “its good to see so many abide by the Presidents new doctrine to drink beer and then talk.” De Blasio adds, “Its good to see the police getting involved in the community not using their guns I feel my son and family is safer already. After all crime is a subjective thing.”

    When de Blasio explained about the recent incident about the so-called police back turning incident. Mayor de Blasio, “chuckled”, and responded, “No, I asked the police force to keep an eye out for anyone needing help. They were just being vigilant.”

    Brian Williams newly hired White House Press Secretary reports that Obama’s comments about George Washington making beer in the White house is accurate. The distortion is actually an elaborate scheme to make the president look stupid, weak and impotent as a speaker off the teleprompter.

    Brian Williams challenges the facts that the White House was actually built between 1792 and 1800, George Washington Died December 14, 1799. The White House was completed November 1, 1800. These so-called facts may be in the history books and accepted for hundreds of years, but white men wrote them. Can this information really be trusted? Considering President Obama has disputed it.